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Darkness Duet racing C2 - £1,200
Located in Hampshire.




Time to move the demo boats on as the production spec changes. This is the second of two boats looking for a new home.


The Duet is a 6.5 metre fully ICF compliant marathon racing canoe. It is constructed in carbon fibre with a clear finish. It weighs 20 kgs and can take a payload of up to 200 kgs.


The boat is in good condition but has been around a bit and has the usual scratches, plus a small repair on the rear deck. There are also some white patches due to bleaching from lack of indoor storage but these do not affect the structural integrity.


The boat is ready to race and is fitted with:


The Duet supports a short or full length spray deck (not included) available from Marsport.


This is the ultimate canoe for DW. Light, fast and easy to get in and out using thwarts. A canoe which can portage up-side-down using portage handles and kayak-like decks. This makes running easy and  allows any water to drain.


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