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The Darkness Demon C2 is the slimmest, fastest double canoe in the Darkside Canoe range. It was inspired by The Darkness C1 and the hull design is literally a mid-section extension of the C1. It is for paddlers who want something “closer to the edge”.


The decks are a flatter design to make shouldering the boat during portaging more comfortable, and the sides have been rounded to make it easier to construct.


The internal cockpit area including seats and footrests is exactly the same as The Darkness Duet C2. The Duet seats are set at 20 cms from the bottom of the hull and the seats in the Demon are set lower at 12 cms.


The boat is 10 cms narrower than the Duet. The makes it about 1 mph faster but with the inevitable trade-off with stability, that’s why the seats are set lower. The boat also tracks a straighter line than the Duet which means that the crew can switch less often.

A different paddling stroke is advocated to get the best out of this boat. Rather than the traditional short, high cadence, close-to-the-gunwale sit&switch style, this boat behaves more like a kayak and benefits from a full body rotation, leg drive paddling technique. Racing kayakers will feel at home in this canoe.


The Darkness Demon is available now, priced at £2,200 for a carbon laminate, vacuum bagged epoxy resin composite.